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How to Turn Your Contacts Into Customers the RIGHT way

spoiler alert: toss the salesy, sleazy, icky pitching you DON'T need to grow your biz

You know you’re the right answer for the right person, but they don’t...yet.

It’s SO frustrating when you know you could change your prospective customer’s life for the better, but they don’t trust you enough to click the BUY NOW button.

How do you do it?

Really, it all comes down to what drives our actions - aspirations. 

Come learn how tapping into your customer’s aspirations with your marketing will grow your business. 

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Imagine saying the right words to make the right person say yes to you! Not those salesy, manipulative ones that make you feel like you need to take a shower--the ones that actually connect you in a real, authentic way.

Here's the secret:

People buy from you when they feel understood by you.

In this *FREE* Masterclass


Why that icky sales script doesn’t work

The science behind aspirations and what makes them so powerful

How to complement instead of compete with your customers

Real-life examples of aspirational marketing applied correctly

Which professionals need aspirational marketing MOST

How to align your marketing with your customer’s aspirations correctly

Stay tuned till the end of the class for an exciting opportunity that will help you love your business, love your customer, and love your future.

Are you...

💪🏼 Hustling on the side because you KNOW you have more to give?

👩🏽‍💻 Working for someone else but dreaming of the day you break FREE?

😓 A full-time entrepreneur feeling STUCK when your product doesn’t sell?

🗺 Looking for a map through the woods of self-employment?

🤯 Struggling with time, overwhelm, clarity, and fear?

💵 Wanting a business that can both serve other people and provide you a life of financial and lifestyle freedom?

The Masterclass is for YOU!

Tokens of Appreciation

from Masterclass Attendees:

This master class lived up to the title! I had a HUGE epiphany regarding empathy. WOW. 💥💥💥"
“One of the best free webinars I’ve seen!”
Mona Vogele
This is EXACTLY what I needed and what I have been thinking about. Inspired and inspiring.
Diahan Southard
“I’m really blown away, not just by your thinking, but by the way you so excellently guide me to realizing the value of these concepts on my own. 💥💥💥"
Stewart Guss
"Thank you so much for your amazing class and for sharing so openly your knowledge and experience. Your passion and authenticity are truly contagious!"
Juan Hoyos
"Holy smokes…Veronica Romney’s video is GOLD. Mind blown. Her video made me completely change the landing page I have been working on. She delivered."
Jane Wilson

Veronica Iglesias romney

MyModernBrand™ Founder, Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Speaker, 12+ Year Marketing & Branding Expert, Proud Mompreneur

Hey, I'm Veronica Romney

Your Masterclass Teacher + Fellow Entrepreneur Friend

I know best practice tells me to say something extra, but I feel like I just need to be straight with you. If you’ve gotten to the bottom of this masterclass page without having signed-up, it’s probably because you’re wondering if this is just another overhyped webinar that spends 10 minutes teaching and 45 minutes pitching you something new to I right?

Ya this is NOT that!

I don't do that kind of marketing... yuck.

Look, you either have or want a business because you dream of more. More freedom to choose what you do with your time, your money, and your gifts and inspiration. Me too. 

But sometimes in the tidal wave of business decisions and marketing channels, we don’t stop to get clear on what we’re saying and how we’re connecting to the people that help us achieve our freedom - our customers

I made this masterclass because I’ve been studying the science and power of aspirations, and want to teach you how to align your marketing efforts with the powerful aspirations of your customers. This research and wisdom transformed my business after years of grinding at it and now I want to help you succeed too! 

Join me and a room full of amazing entrepreneurs who want more for their life like you do. Hard work deserves to be rewarded :) See you on the inside!



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